Animal Adaptation Investigation

This investigation from my first grade Next Generation Science curriculum will make your students feel like real scientist as they learn more about living things!

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This is the spot for engaging science lessons, experiments, and investigations for kindergarten and first grade. Whether you’re looking for hands-on science activities or Next Generation Science curriculum, you’re in the right place!

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Smart Apple Science

It's here....officially!! The first day of Fall! {{Happy dance}} It's also the last week of September, which around here means...

Turtle Close Read Freebie

  It's Ocean Week!! Today we were focusing on sea turtles. They're a pretty cute creature of the sea by...

All About Ocean Life

It's so crazy to be writing a post right now about our LAST SCIENCE UNIT OF THE YEAR....!!!!It's that time...

Insect Investigations

It's about to get real buggy up in this classroom. Insect Investigations are well underway in first and second grade!!Meet...

Resources That Keep Me Afloat

"Just keep swimming...just keep swimming..." There is something about February that really knows how to rock a teacher's world. Or...

Arctic Adventures

Want to win over a room full of children in mere seconds? Show them this video of E.T. the Walrus...

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