Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie. I’m a 5th year teacher living in Colorado. Even though life took me out West, I grew up and lived most of my life in New York. I truly do love both states!

I’ve taught 1st grade for the past three years in Colorado. This year I became a 1st/2nd grade combo teachers. Yup-  two grades, one class, all day every day. Teaching two grades at once isn’t always easy, but the only grade I enjoy more than 1st is 2nd, so really I get the best of both worlds!! If you walk into my classroom on any given day you will see lots of  groups at work, singing, and movement. Lots of busy bees at work in our room and there is very little this teacher won’t do to keep them wanting what I’m selling their nogins every day. I also really enjoy creating different units and resources to bring into my classroom!
This quote pretty much sums up why I love teaching. Thanks Walt! 
When I’m not teaching I’m usually spending time with my hubs who is the reason I ended up in Colorado. We met seven years ago studying abroad on the gorgeous Gold Coast of Australia. Our mutual L O V E of oceans and traveling brought us together!! Maybe one day we’ll make our way out of our little land locked state and move closer to the waves and sand…
I hear Hawaii may be hiring… 😉 
But for now we’re perfectly happy living in our mountain state with our fur babies and traveling to as many amazing places as we can! I love exploring new parts of the world and trying new things!

 “I want to be remembered as someone who participated in the world”
This is pretty much my life motto.
I hope you’ll look around and follow me through my teaching and real life adventures!! 🙂